LOS ANGELES (January 18, 2009) --- DaBet Music Services opens its doors for full
service in January 2009 as a new Los Angeles-based boutique company designed to provide personal music services and administration for both classic and emerging music catalogs. Founded by attorney Angela Rose White, the daughter of the late David Rose, DaBet Music is actively seeking domestic and foreign catalogs with a history of performance in the United States.

To begin 2009, DaBet Music already is gearing up to administer interests in songs performed by such greats as Elvis Presley, Celine Dione, The Platters, Ike & Tina Turner, Count Basie, Little Richard, Cher, Cass Elliot, Donnie and Marie Osmond, and Dinah Shore.

As the chief operating officer of a true independent publishing company since 1996, White is concerned about the future recognition of older, vintage music. This concern about forgetting the classics led to establishing DaBet Music, which she will oversee in addition to her continuing role as the administrator/COO of David Rose Publishing Co. in Los Angeles, Calif.

"Exploitation of a classic or emerging catalog requires a true familiarity with and passion for the music," says White. "We recognize that there are still vast opportunities for the classic and emerging catalogs if you have a team with the zeal and focus to nurture these wonderful works along to full potential. That’s why we felt a separate company from David Rose Publishing could fill an important niche in the marketplace."

On the emerging music front, White also has traveled to Ghana, West Africa, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands, where she has been exposed to music which she believes has great potential in the U.S. As a result, DaBet is now representing Ugandan hip hop artist Crazy Native, American jazz composer and pianist Max Haymer, and Hot A/C singer and composer Steve Cooke from Down Under, who composed the great classic, "Working for the USA.”

Says White: “My interest in these cultures, their music, and the emerging artists from these areas, has compelled me to seek out these musicians.”

The focus of White’s new DaBet Music venture is to keep music from the past alive, to encourage and guide those who have work performed in the U.S., but come from more remote areas, and work closely with these catalogs, potential licensees, publishers, subpublishers and co-administrators and other third parties to maximize the potential of the catalog.

A Family Affair

White originally took over responsibility for David Rose Publishing Co. after spending 25 years working in law firms engaged in business and entertainment law, including the area of music. After the death of her father and sister, the family business became a client. However, it was not long before White recognized that the family music business needed a lot of attention, and "it was a really fun business."

Now, White handles all aspects of publishing, including royalty analysis, collections, licensing, and communication with licensees, publishers, subpublishers, and co-administrators both in and outside the U.S. A large portion of the income is derived from television shows which has resulted in an experienced staff familiar with TV cues, themes, etc., and collection by the Performing Rights Societies both inside and outside the U.S. To date White presides over a catalog which contains more than 500 copyrights.

As a result of White’s legal background and association with the music business, she has many people contacting her for guidance. As more and more referrals came to her, she realized that David Rose Publishing was not the only catalog that was fighting upstream to be remembered. Therefore White and her staff made the decision to take on additional catalogs that could use the skills and passion honed over years at David Rose Publishing. Creating DaBet Music Services was the first step in sharing this philosophy.

DaBet’s name, pronounced “DAY-Bet,” derives from the names of David and Betty Rose. It stands for David’s work ethic, dedication to great music and great food, and respect for the business, and Betty’s passion for travel, detail, honesty and quality. DaBet was set up to provide a range of music services for third party catalogs. The mission of this company is to provide personal service, treat each item in the catalog with respect as if it is a No. 1 hit, and develop a relationship around the catalog that will result in income.

“We are extremely thorough with every music catalog that we handle,” concludes White. “Each statement that comes into our office is closely reviewed to make sure there are no missing payments and that all uses are properly accounted for. If someone doesn’t recall the music, they are
promptly sent a CD copy or given a list of credentials to evaluate. We are a full service operation and we look forward to sharing our enthusiasm and expertise to help elevate catalogs that could benefit from a more focused personal touch.”